Design Your Bedroom with Feng Shui

Shift the energy in your bedroom. Bring more peace, love, and prosperity into your life.

One of the best places in the home to start using Feng Shui is your bedroom. It is a small, manageable space that is easy to redesign. Simple changes to your bedroom can make a huge impact on your quality of life. The bedroom is a space you spend a lot time in, which affects the vibration of your energy, sleep patterns, productivity at work and your sex life.

Getting started designing your own Feng Shui bedroom

The videos and steps below are a walkthrough of the complete FENG SHUI BEDROOM guide. Plus bonus videos on how to best place your bed and the key to better sleep.

What your learn in this course:

  • How to design with feng shui
  • The best position for your bed
  • How you can set your bedroom up for sleep
  • Five complete feng shui designs to choose from

What is included in the course:

  • Four walkthrough videos with Laura Morris
  • A 24 page colour workbook
  • A bedroom checklist for love
  • Five complete designs using the five elements

Your Instructor

Laura Morris
Laura Morris

Laura Morris is a certified feng shui consultant, artist, and designer. Through her articles, workshops, videos, TV appearances, and consultations, Laura has helped thousands of people shift their chi and revitalize their living spaces, increasing energy flow and harmony. She believes that by combining mindfulness, feng shui, and creativity you can transform both your space and your own personal energy. Laura has a successful Toronto-based feng shui design consultancy, and the author of Creating Change: 27 Feng Shui Projects to Boost the Energy in Your Home.

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Course Curriculum

  Module two: Bed Placement
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